Strategy Development

“The best laid plans of mice and men are oftimes gang awry”, according to the poet Robert Burns… Whetstone supports organisations to prepare sound business plans and strategies, based on understanding the context of markets, stakeholder expectations, capacity constraints, finance, etc.; all of which can change rapidly and unexpectedly.

We understand how outcomes are unlikely to improve without actions, planned and implemented within a strong strategic framework that has the flexibility to change as needed.

Project Management

In order to successfully implement change, strong management resources need to be committed, depending on the magnitude and complexity of changes proposed.

Whetstone’s team are all qualified and experienced managers, having undertaken responsibilities for numerous projects over many years in fields as diverse as engineering, logistics, innovation and defence training.

Our company is able to offer management services with individuals to supplement an in-house project team or to take on responsibility as the project managers.

Performance Improvement

Surprisingly, organisations frequently make changes with an expectation of improvement but no real way of being certain if its worked.  On the other hand, there are some that plan improvements and expect a better outcome without making all the changes necessary.

Whetstone’s proven C+AEL© methodology can obviate such problems by ensuring plans are implemented fully (or changed if appropriate) with established measures to ensure the improvement outcomes sought are achieved.

C+AEL© is an approach that establishes a pattern of learning and behaviour modification focussed on performance enhancement and on-going repetition of success.

Owner Builder Course

People who wish to undertake construction projects in Tasmanian as owner builders must apply for registration with the Building Standards and Occupational Licensing Branch in Department of Justice.

The Director of Building Control registers applicants who make an application (via their building surveyor) and who

  • are not licensed builders;2014 OB small front cover
  • own the land upon which they intend to build;
  • have undertaken training in construction industry work-site health & safety and obtained a “white card” from this training;
  • have completed an approved Owner Builder Registration course.

Whetstone is authorised to conduct the Owner Builder Registration course component of this process and as the only Tasmanian-based provider, is best placed to offer self-paced and classroom learning modes with face-to face and telephone/internet assessment.